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Our critique will be TRUTHFUL. If something is pure dope, we will tell you. If it's pure whackness, we will tell you that as well--without holding back. Amateurs ONLY want to hear how GREAT they are but professional recording artists enjoy constructive criticism, insight, and suggestions as well!

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If you aren't willing to invest even 99 cents in your music career to download ONE song from this site, how can you possibly expect to ever be truly successful? If you want us to listen to YOUR music, review YOUR music, give you an opinion, and consider YOUR music or YOUR talents to work with us, then you need to at least be familiar with our music. The Krs-One/Greenie CD is RAW...available for under ten bucks--or you can download ONE song for PENNIES. Download/order from our site and put your order # in this form when you send us your music...Even if you're  the most amazing artist in the world, it would be INSULTING for you to ask us to listen to YOUR music if you don't even know or haven't spent a mere 99 cents to download OURS!


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A checked box means you agree that by submitting this form...Greenie, an artist who has performed with and recorded with the Blastmaster KRS-ONE, will thoroughly review your demo and then send you a written critique of it. Greenie may also opt to share your demo with KRS-ONE and with personnel of KRS-ONE, INC. However, neither your information nor your demo will be shared with anyone else unless you request him to do so. No one associated with this site may duplicate, copy, or reuse any portion of your music/lyrics without your written consent. Your songs will not be distributed in any fashion unless you choose to have that done at a later date. All information is strictly confidential... Welcome to REAL hip-hop!


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